Why celebrate magazines?

Did you know that taking time to read a magazine has clear benefits for your mental health? Relaxing with your favourite magazine is an affordable and healthy treat. And importantly, for many people, magazines offer easy access to the incredibly rich world of the written word.

With a magazine in hand, that world, literally, opens up in front of you. While flicking through the pages you can learn new ideas and even fundamentally challenge your current beliefs. You can relax and simply disappear into that world. You can stumble upon a community of fellow enthusiasts or be inspired to try something new. You just never know where the journey ends. 

As the ‘techlash’ against Silicon Valley gathers pace, magazines are a trusted voice with an in-built sense of community. According to Ofcom, magazines are the UK’s most trusted source for news. As the public turn away from clickbait and fake news, magazines provide reliable, quality content.